New Concert Venue and Event Space to Open this Fall in Madison

photo courtesy of Harken Hall

Anchored by a 700-seat concert hall and adjacent state-of-the-art recording studio, Harken Hall today announced it will open its doors this Fall at 514 Madison Station Blvd in Madison, TN. The space is designed to provide facilities and services for performing artists as well as host corporate events, organizational meetings, weddings, and an array of community activities.

Carefully designed over the last decade with intentionality and patience, Harken Hall has been crafted with excellence in mind, for everything from creating music to building community and living sustainability. Its relentless commitment to sustainable building practices is a groundbreaking differentiator. The venue utilized reclaimed wood in the core structure, is working in collaboration with Compost Nashville, and will not carry any plastic water bottles, utensils or straws, instead employing aluminum cans for drinks.

“We want this to be a place where people can make and hear good music, enjoy social gatherings, be treated hospitably and feel comfortable,” says Jamie Amos, Harken Hall president and veteran music video and television producer. “When you have a multipurpose structure like this one, the arts and interest in the arts tend to cross-pollinate. Ideally, Harken Hall will be the seedbed and focal point of a neighborhood in which artists can create and collaborate.”

Harken Hall sets itself apart with its elevated aesthetic, capabilities, and design. The event space is predominantly constructed of wood, while the interior walls are covered with corral board from the same timber package to complete a carefully designed acoustic environment. Re-sawn lumber finishes out the interior structure to give a resonance to the listening environment minimizing reflections through careful absorption of sound waves, similar to that of a recording studio. The building’s exterior is finished out with stonework to mirror some of its neighborhood’s historic churches. The main concert hall also features built-in broadcast and streaming capabilities. Bookings for concerts, weddings, audio recordings, corporate and private events, and more will be open Fall of 2024.

To learn more about Harken Hall, visit us at 514 Madison Station Blvd or

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