Nashville Predators Sale Closing at $880 Million

nashville preds closeup

Former Tennessee governor Bill Haslam is set to purchase a 60% stake in the Nashville Predators for a total valuation of $880 million, according to Front Office Sports’ Owen Poindexter.

Front Office Sports went on to say this valuation is five times more than what Forbes valued the team as back in December. Haslam’s purchase will be made in four installments starting this year, and by 2025 he will have majority ownership of the team.

The NHL’s record price for a team purchase is $900 million, which was set when the Pittsburgh Penguins were purchased by the Fenway Sports Group in 2021.

The Nashville Predators’ late-season push to secure a spot in the NHL playoffs fell short, as they were officially eliminated from playoff contention on Tuesday following the Winnipeg Jets’ 3-1 victory over the Minnesota Wild.

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