Nashville International Airport Anticipates Rise in Passenger Volume for Thanksgiving Holiday


Nashville International Airport® (BNA®) is preparing for an expected increase in travel activity surrounding the Thanksgiving holiday. BNA projects the peak days as
November 19 and November 22 before the holiday, as well as November 26 immediately afterward, anticipating more than 35,000 departing passengers each of these days.

Travelers are urged to follow the below tips for a seamless travel journey:

· Sign up for BNA Text Alerts. Click on BNA Text Alerts at the top of for valuable tips and updates, ensuring a seamless travel experience to BNA with the latest traffic information.

· Arrive early. Give yourself plenty of time to park, check in, and get to your gate.

· Take alternate routes to BNA. With the increase of travelers during the holiday season, there will be more passengers arriving and departing from the airport. Consider alternate routes to BNA – 216B and Murfreesboro Pike during heavy travel periods.

· Allow extra time for parking. Heavier passenger volume means more people are parking and those areas will be busy. BNA has six parking options to choose from. If parking in valet, passengers coming from I-40 will only be able to access this area from Exit 216B. Check parking details and availability here.

· Utilize the new cell lot. To alleviate traffic congestion, drivers waiting to pick up their loved ones are encouraged to use BNA’s new cell lot located at 1415 Murfreesboro Pike.
The new lot provides ample space and digital signage that displays real-time updates on incoming flights.  Please allow 20-30 minutes from landing time for your loved one to reach the curb.

· Check the status of your flight before arriving at BNA. We are advising passengers to
check the status of their flight before coming to the airport.

· Pack smart. Familiarize yourself with TSA’s Top Travel Tips for a more efficient travel experience.


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