Middle Tennessee Electric Encourages Members to Plan for Frigid Weather

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As colder temperatures settle in next week, Middle Tennessee Electric (MTE) offers some simple energy-efficiency tips to help members manage their energy costs.

  • Be smart with your thermostat. Set your heating system’s thermostat to 68or a comfortable and safe temperature. You can expect to add around 3% to your electric bill for each degree above 68o. Wear additional layers and bundle up to stay warm.
  • Lower your water heater temperature. Set water heaters to 120oF and reduce hot water use by taking shorter showers. Use cold water for laundry whenever possible.
  • Seal and caulk leaks around windows and doors. You can also use cardboard, plastic or blankets to minimize heat loss. Open window covers on the sunny side of your home for additional warmth and close them overnight to retain that heat.
  • Rotate the direction of your ceiling fans. Blades should rotate clockwise during the winter. This pulls cold air up and helps push warm air back down to you, as warm air naturally rises to the ceiling. The fan should run at the lowest speed.
  • Replace return air filters. Keep your heating and air conditioning equipment clean and well-maintained. A dirty filter will slow airflow and make the system work harder to keep you warm.
  • Turn off the dishwasher’s heat-drying options. Air dry dishes instead of using the dishwasher’s heat-drying options.
  • Delay using large appliances. Delay using washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and other large appliances until the warmest part of the day when overall heating demand is lower.
  • Utilize the myMTE app. The myMTE app has a suite of useful tools, including one showing the hours when a member’s household uses the most energy. Members can compare those hours with the temperature outside to get a better view of how much electricity is used when temperatures are lower.
  • Consider the Levelized plan. This option allows members to pay roughly the same amount on their bill each month, removing any extreme month-to-month fluctuations caused by weather, energy use and other factors. It is calculated by taking an average of energy use for the previous 12 months and will only have moderate variations each month. Contact MTE at 877-777-9020 or visit mte.com/MyEnergyPlan to learn more.

In addition to these tips, MTE has a team of energy efficiency experts ready to help members manage their electric use. To take advantage of this free service, visit mte.com/HomeEnergyCheckups for more information or call 877-777-9020 to speak to a trusted energy advisor.

For additional energy tips and resources, visit mte.com/EnergyTips.

About Middle Tennessee Electric (MTE)
Founded in 1936, MTE is the largest electric cooperative in the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) region and the second largest in the United States, serving more than 750,000 Tennesseans via 330,000+ accounts covering nearly 2,200 square miles in 11 Middle Tennessee counties, primarily Rutherford, Cannon, Williamson and Wilson. Municipalities served include Murfreesboro, Franklin, Brentwood, Smyrna, La Vergne, Lebanon and Mt. Juliet. MTE employs 520 people in six local offices and its Murfreesboro headquarters.

MTE’s subsidiary, United Communications, is a nationally recognized broadband company with a fiber network spanning more than 3,600 route miles, providing high-speed internet and phone services to portions of Williamson, Rutherford, Marshall, Bedford, Franklin, Wilson and Davidson counties.


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