MBA Falls to Baylor in State Championship Game


Final Score:

Baylor- 38

MBA- 34

The Red Raiders of Baylor (11-2) won their first state championship since 1973 after beating MBA (12-1) at the BlueCross Bowl in Chattanooga.

The first half of this game was filled with a lot of points and lead changes. Both teams were able to string together good offensive drives and it seemed as if their defenses would struggle the rest of the night.

Marcel Reed, The Big Red’s quarterback, tossed five touchdowns in this game. Four of those came in the first half to Hutton Durrett, Claiborne Richards, Johnothan Moore twice.

Baylor was losing by as much as 14 points. They were able to chip away at MBA’s lead and kept this a one-possession game at halftime and throughout the rest of the game.

The Red Raiders’ defense answered the call in the second half. They only allowed one score at the end of the fourth quarter. They also allowed a turnover in the third quarter which gave life to their crowd as this was basically a home game for them. Baylor quarterback Whit Muschamp threw a long touchdown to Amari Jefferson to give them a 28-24 lead which was their first of the night. Running back Caleb Hampton effectively put the nail in the coffin by rushing for a touchdown in the fourth quarter.

This game mirrored their previous matchup on October 21st this year where MBA won 42-34. Both teams’ offenses put up points but ultimately the defense had to provide crucial stops. This time it was Baylor who came out on top.

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