Mark Your Calendars For The Purpose of Wealth Event in Lebanon

Purpose of Wealth

Come out to The Capitol Theatre, 110 W Main St, Lebanon, TN 37087 on October 29th, 2021 at 5:30 PM for The Purpose of Wealth Event.

Today, over 70% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. On the other hand, over 10% of American households are millionaire households, and 40% of the world’s millionaires live in the United States. Why? For most, the answer is simple. Knowledge, choices, and vision.

The Purpose of Wealth Event isn’t just about money. It’s about your life and heart. PoW is designed to speak to your heart and mind about money. Our goal is to help you develop and healthy mindset related to money and wealth, equip you with the knowledge to manage your money and build wealth and create a vision for your life and financial future.

PoW will feature four speakers covering different elements of life and money and conclude with a wrap-up panel to answer questions the audience has accumulated throughout the day.

4 Hours. 4 Speakers. 1 Panel.

What is Purpose of Wealth?
The Purpose of Wealth Event Series is designed as a part of a citywide financial transformation model to help EVERYONE understand their personal finances. Imagine everyone in your city equipped with the financial knowledge and wisdom to transform their financial lives.

The PoW Event helps people reshape their money mindset, addresses fundamentals of personal finance, and explores proven wealth-building principles. By bringing together local financial experts to share their life stories, experience, and financial wisdom with the mass public, PoW empowers local people to come together and take control of their city’s financial landscape.

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