M.L.Rose Introduces Seoul Veggie Burger

Photo by M.L.Rose
Photo by M.L.Rose

M.L.Rose is always known for mixing its menu with fun and delicious options. In February, M.L.Rose is excited to introduce a game-changer in the world of veggie burgers: the Seoul Veggie Burger. It’s not merely a meat alternative option; it represents a flavor revolution.

However, this special burger won’t be available for long. As is the tradition, the burger of the month is only here for a limited time, accessible until February 27, 2024. Customers are encouraged to visit any M.L.Rose location to savor this unique culinary experience.

The Seoul Veggie Burger stands out as more than a typical veggie burger. The culinary journey begins with locally sourced bread paired with housemade umami mayo, creating a creamy, savory sauce that harmonizes perfectly with the burger’s flavors.

A crispy black bean and corn patty, infused with flavorful veggies, delivers a satisfying crunch and a rich, earthy flavor in every bite. The experience doesn’t stop there. M.L.Rose adds in-house Korean cucumbers for texture, followed by the star of the show – kimchi. This traditional Korean side dish brings a unique tangy, spicy kick, turning every bite into a flavor explosion.

For a final touch of freshness, the burger is topped with a sprinkle of cilantro, adding a light, herbal note that ties everything together. Of course, the Seoul Burger is accompanied by irresistible waffle fries for that satisfying crunch. However, M.L.Rose acknowledges that once customers taste the Korean cucumbers, they might find themselves ordering an extra side because of its amazing flavor.

Customers are encouraged to pair the Seoul Veggie Burger with one of M.L.Rose’s craft beers. A recommended pairing is Deer Crossing Helles Lager by Little Harpeth Brewing for a crisp complement to the burger’s bold flavors. The knowledgeable staff is always ready to assist in choosing the perfect beer to enhance the dining experience.

The Seoul Veggie Burger, a flavor-packed journey, is waiting to be discovered. This February-only special is a call to all burger lovers and veggie enthusiasts, offering a culinary trip not to be missed. Visit the nearest M.L.Rose location and join the experience with friends, family, or just bring your appetite. Act fast, as this limited-time delight is available only until February 27th. Come in today and savor every bite of the Seoul Veggie Burger!

Source: M.L.Rose
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