Lebanon PD Conducts Compliance Stops After Items Sold to Underage Patrons


February 22, 2024 – Over the past several days, the Lebanon Police Department has received several complaints about businesses selling to underage patrons.

In response, the narcotics unit conducted compliance checks at 22 businesses throughout the city. Out of the 22 businesses checked, only 5 sold controlled material to underage patrons.

Lebanon Police perform these compliance checks several times a year with the goal in mind to have businesses meet the state requirements and to regulate underage consumption. Under current state law, alcohol, nicotine vapes, and tobacco products are to be sold to persons over 21 years of age after ID verification.

Below is a list of businesses that passed and failed our recent compliance checks.

Photo by Lebanon Police

Employees of the failed compliance check locations have only been charged at this point.


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