Lebanon City Council Denies Proposed Annexation to Ward 3


At the Tuesday, January 16 meeting, the city council voted 4-1 to deny a requested annexation on Franklin Road in Ward 3.

Before the vote, Mayor Rick Bell spoke against the annexation request for several reasons.

“To begin, there was no plan for the property, including a Specific Plan (SP) that allows the city council to know upfront what they can expect to see on the property. Also, we must pick and choose what we accept from developers through our zoning and annexation process,” Mayor Bell said.

Over the past three years, Mayor Bell has pushed for only approvals that benefit the city and its future, which means not taking everything requested.

“This is not the first annexation or zoning that has been denied. This was the right decision, and I applaud the city council for denying the annexation to Ward 3,” he added.


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