Keep Pool Season Going When the Kids Head Back to School

By Peek Pools and Spas


In Middle Tennessee, the weather will stay nice and warm for months to come. There’s no need to close up your pool simply because the kids have gone back to school. Take advantage of the entertainment your pool can provide your kids as they blow off steam from their long day of learning. With these ideas, pool season can continue long after you’ve gotten back into the school routine.

Plan a Back-to-School Party

A party in your backyard oasis can be the perfect way to get kids excited about the upcoming school year. Gather your friends and family to wish the kids well in their studies and create a new tradition everyone looks forward to each year. Instead of the traditional first-day-of-school portraits, you can have back-to-school jumping-in-the-pool photos! Host a competition with prizes for the best splash to thrill your kids and all their friends.

Grab those pool toys and have a blast as you continue the pool season into August.

Arrange for Some “Me” Time



We usually prioritize establishing routines over pool season playtime once the kids head back to school. Treat yourself to some well-deserved me-time this year by relaxing poolside with an iced latte and a book. You could even work from home in peace outdoors or invite some other parents over for a midday break. You’ll make the most of your pool season by indulging at home in your luxurious outdoor living space.

Go Out for Dinner…

And we don’t mean leaving the house! Why go to a noisy restaurant when you’ve created an incredible backyard oasis? You and the kids will be much happier grilling out at home after a long day at school. Pool season continues as the kids swim and you easily prepare a delicious meal with summer produce in your outdoor kitchen.

Think Peek Pools for Your Luxury Outdoor Living Space

Creating a backyard oasis involves more than just a pool. When you choose Peek Pools for a custom pool design, you’ll see an array of options for creating luxury outdoor living spaces that allow you to make the most of your home. Get started designing your pool paradise by contacting Peek Pools today!

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