Indulge in a Classic Pie Flavor: National Cherry Pie Day is February 20!


On February 20th each year, dessert lovers across the United States come together to celebrate a beloved classic: cherry pie. National Cherry Pie Day pays homage to this iconic American dessert, showcasing the sweet and tangy flavors that have captured the hearts and taste buds of generations.

As National Cherry Pie Day approaches, consider joining the festivities with a slice of this classic dessert. Share the joy with friends and family, and take a moment to appreciate the simple pleasures that cherry pie brings.

Learn more about this classic pie flavor, and head to Papa C Pies on February 20th to get ready to celebrate!

Cherry Pie is an American Favorite

national cherry pie day

Cherry pie is special in the American culinary tradition, often evoking images of homemade goodness and cherished family recipes. Its roots trace back to early European settlers, who brought their love for pies to the New World. Over time, cherries became a staple ingredient, particularly in regions where the fruit thrived, such as the Pacific Northwest and Michigan, known as the “Cherry Capital of the World.”

Beyond its culinary delights, cherry pie holds significance in American folklore and literature. It’s been featured in movies, television shows, and literature, often symbolizing love, homecoming, and Americana themes. One of the most iconic references to cherry pie in American culture comes from the 1935 song “Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries,” which reflects on the ups and downs of life with a whimsical charm. Since then, cherry pie has remained a symbol of simple pleasures and the comforts of home.

Indulge in Delicious Cherry Flavor! 

What makes cherry pie so irresistible? It’s the perfect balance between tart cherries, sweet filling, and golden crust! Cherry pie also has nostalgic appeal, reminding us of picnics, holidays, and gatherings with loved ones. Whatever the reason, there’s no denying the universal allure of a well-made cherry pie.

Traditional cherry pie recipes call for fresh or canned cherries, a flaky crust, and some additional background flavorings. At Papa C Pies Bakery, you’ll find a tart but balanced cherry flavor with a hint of cinnamon and almond extract wrapped in the bakery’s signature light, flaky crust. The Cherry Pie at Papa C Pies is the perfect way to celebrate this national pie holiday!

Head to Papa C Pies on February 20 for National Cherry Pie Day!

In our busy world, National Cherry Pie Day reminds us to slow down, savor the moment, and indulge in the sweeter things in life. So, let’s raise our forks to this beloved dessert and all the memories it evokes. After all, as the saying goes, life is just a bowl of cherries—especially when baked into a delicious pie!

Head over to the Papa C Pies website to order cherry pie today! You can pick it up in the store, swing through the drive-through, or have it shipped anywhere in the country. 

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