Governor Bill Lee Signs Executive Order to Strengthen Background Checks for Gun Purchases


Governor Bill Lee signed an executive order on April 11 that will enhance the protection of purchasing a firearm by strengthening background checks

In wake of the Covenant School shooting on March 27, the Governor stated there is a need for more effective instant background checks.

The order states that reporting of submitted records to the instant background check system will be improved accurately and timely, making communities safer for all Tennesseans.

During a press conference on Tuesday, Gov. Lee said the executive order will implement the following:

  • Set a “72-hour” clock for reporting new criminal activity to be entered into the Tennessee Instant Check System or to the TBI
  • Ensure the courts submit timely and accurate information directly to the TBI
  • Require the TBI to examine the current process for purchasing firearms and provide a report within 60 days of the issues that exists within the process

To prevent dangerous persons from accessing firearms, those who have a history of domestic violence convictions, orders of protection, mental health adjudications, and other disqualifying criminal activities will be reported to the instant background check system.

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