Former Belmont Pitcher Josh Tubbs Promoted to Hitting Analyst for Cleveland Guardians

Josh Tubbs Promoted to Hitting Analyst for Cleveland Guardians
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – 12-5-2023 – After graduating from Belmont University in the spring of 2016, Josh Tubbs was ready to put his exercise science degree to use. He never thought about computers, movement-tracking cameras, or divulging into the rapidly growing field of baseball analytics. Now, Tubbs has a front-row seat to The Show as the newest hitting analyst for the Cleveland Guardians.

On a day-to-day operations side, managers and their staff use analytics to assist in setting lineups, building scouting reports, and preparing training schedules. Statistics have always been a part of baseball and will never go away. Applying new science and data tracking technology to a hitter’s swing or pitcher’s mechanic opens the doors to an unlimited world of possibilities for making better players.

Tubbs’ new role as a major league hitting analyst will allow him to do just that. By looking at the tiniest details from video and body-tracking cameras, Tubbs and the rest of the analytics department can see everything happening during a hitter’s swing. “With Hawk-Eye Innovation technology, the cameras are focused on all the body joints, movements, and little details at 300 frames-per-second,” said Tubbs. “A lot of this role is working with the major league hitting staff, listening, and trying to understand their needs. Then we look for the best way to present that information to the hitting staff and players.”

Relationships with players are something Tubbs will build daily with the team. His team will work throughout Spring Training and the season in any way to help players achieve more success in the batter’s box. “When you’re performing and you’re at your best, how do we keep you at your full potential to help us win games,” said Tubbs. “In what ways can I support the staff to help guys perform their best in the box, whether that’s based on how guys are moving or how we may go about trying to expose an aspect of the opposing pitcher’s plan.”

Source: Belmont
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