Football Training Camps Start Soon. Do You Have the Gloves and Equipment You Need?


Although it’s still the peak of summer, fall sports will reconvene as early as next week to begin training camps. It’s time to ensure your athlete has the equipment necessary to play their best. One crucial piece of equipment is football gloves, which help a player’s performance and protect them on the field.

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Receiver, Running Back and Lineman Gloves – How Do Football Gloves Change the Game?

Football gloves help athletes perform at their best while also protecting a crucial part of their bodies from injury during the high-contact sport. Here’s a look at each football glove type and how athletes use them.

Receiver Gloves

Perhaps the most prominent football glove type is receiver gloves. They are light and thin but designed for optimal grip since receivers must catch balls being thrown at high velocities.

Receiver gloves are very breathable but generally have minimal or no padding to prevent them from being bulky. While the gloves start out very sticky, they wear out quickly and receivers need to monitor their performance to check when it is time to buy new ones.

Lineman Gloves

These gloves help offensive and defensive linemen protect their hands. With heavy, thick padding, they are designed to prevent injuries for players who regularly face physical contact with other athletes.

Some gloves also come with wrist protection. The thickness of the gloves can also help keep hands stable. Other players don’t use these gloves though because of their bulk and weight. Depending on the weight of the gloves, they can also reduce range of movement.

All-purpose Football Gloves

Athletes looking for a nice balance of protection and range of motion from football gloves find that all-purpose gloves serve their needs well. That’s why running backs, linebackers and safeties wear these gloves.

You’ll find a similar amount of grip to receiver gloves and a medium amount of padding. The padding is certainly less than that of lineman gloves, but that also means a nice balance of protection and range of motion.

What Material is Used in Football Gloves?

The palms of football gloves generally use cabatta leather treated with chemicals to improve its stickiness. Using leather makes the gloves flexible, soft and durable.

Some gloves use latex on the palms. While latex naturally has a stronger grip than leather, it doesn’t provide the same durability that leather does. Athletes generally favor leather-palmed gloves during wet conditions because latex can get slippery when subjected to precipitation.

Football Glove Benefits

The benefits of wearing football gloves are many. Here’s a look at some reasons to purchase quality gloves for your athlete this season.

  • Enhanced performance
  • Stronger ball grip
  • Protection from cuts and abrasions
  • Confidence to play hard despite it being a high-impact sport

Fun Football Facts That Will Surprise Even the Most Die-hard Fans!

In preparation for football season, learn these fun facts to expand your knowledge of the sport and be a great conversation starter with other football enthusiasts.

  • The New York Jets have never beaten the Philadelphia Eagles despite 12 meetings between the teams.
  • The longest NFL game ever was played in 1971 when the Dolphins and the Chiefs went to double overtime leading to a total game time of 82 minutes and 40 seconds.
  • An NFL kicker once won the MVP. Mark Moseley won the honor in 1982 when he was on the Washington Commanders team.
  • Ohio State has the biggest college fanbase with a total estimated fanbase of 11.26 million. The second largest fanbase is Notre Dame with an estimated 8.21 fans.

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