Everything You Need to Know to Get Started with Disc Golf


Disc golf is growing in popularity across the nation, including in the state of Tennessee. The state is home to 214 courses, making it a great place to get started in the sport.

Like anything new, getting started can feel daunting, but with the right preparation, you’ll quickly see why disc golf is attracting new players every day.

How to Get Started with Disc Golf

If you’ve ever thrown a frisbee, you can likely get started with disc golf. But don’t be fooled, this isn’t just a casual sport where you toss a flying disc back and forth. Competition is fierce and disc golf has an ever-growing pro stage complete with regular tournaments and large payouts to winners. Here’s a look at how to get started:

1. Learn Disc Golf Basics

Disc golf is a game where players throw a disc into a standing target basket. The game is similar to traditional golf in that you use several throws to reach the target basket with the goal being to have the least number of strokes/throws at the end of 18 holes.

2. Visit a Disc Golf Store

You’ll need some equipment to get started. Although disc golf is sometimes compared to frisbee, you cannot play the game using regular frisbees. You’ll need specific discs designed for the sport.

Tennessee is home to two amazing disc golf stores that sell both new and gently used disc golf gear, Play It Again Sports ~ Brentwood and Play It Again Sports ~  Hendersonville. At both stores, you can talk to their experts about which discs you need to get started because there are many different types and weights designed to help with reaching the target basket just like you have various putters, wedges and drivers in traditional golf.

You’ll also want a disc golf bag to house your discs and make it easier to move about the course. Read on to learn more about a special sale at Play It Again Sports ~ Brentwood & Hendersonville throughout April.

Other equipment you might want to prepare for your disc golf outing includes a Sharpie for marking your discs, a mini marker disc, a towel and sunscreen. Thankfully, you don’t need any special apparel or shoes for the sport, though you’ll want to make sure you’re comfortable with seasonally appropriate attire that is moisture-wicking.

3. Find a Disc Golf Course

You can search for disc golf courses near you and read up on their reviews at UDisc. As you get more into the sport and start considering competitions, you can find local events to put your skills to the test and take advantage of the strong community of disc golf in the middle Tennessee area.

You can also join leagues to meet up with other disc golf enthusiasts, meet new people and experience some of the social benefits that disc golf offers.

4. Learn Disc Golf Etiquette

When you arrive at your first disc golf course, it might feel like the wild, wild west. Because courses are free, no one is overseeing when new players enter the course or how spaced out they are.

Instead, you’ll be tasked with learning etiquette on your own. Start by reviewing the information board at the course to learn the park rules. You’re now a part of the disc golf community, which means you represent every disc golfer and you want to make a good showing for the sport.

  • Respect the course and keep it clean
  • Remember that others are competing as well, so keep your noise down to avoid distracting others
  • Allow faster players or smaller parties to move past you
  • Try your best to return lost discs to their owners if you find marked discs on the course
  • Exhibit sportsmanlike conduct, including avoiding swear words or getting frustrated on the course

5. Practice Throwing

First-time disc golf players are often surprised at how challenging throwing a disc can be. After all, people throw around a frisbee for fun all the time, so how hard can it be?

There’s more strategy and tact involved than you might think.  Practice tossing your discs in your backyard or at a local park and take time to learn the benefits of various disc types so you know what to use in different discs based on the layout of the course and the distance from the target basket.

6. Benefits of Disc Golf

Engaging in the sport offers many great benefits, including:

  • Relaxation
  • Fitness and health
  • Competitive atmosphere
  • Fun connections with friends
  • An ideal first date to break the ice and get to know someone while enjoying the beautiful outdoors
  • Inexpensive hobby
  • Opportunity to get outside and enjoy the weather

Music City Open 2023 A-Tier

Play It Again Sports ~ Brentwood & Hendersonville are Exclusive Hole Sponsors for the Music City Open 2023 A-Tier scheduled April 21 – 23, 2023.

They are also sponsoring their Assistant Manager from their Play It Again Sports store in Hendersonville, Conner, as he plays in this amateur event for the first time. Conner has been playing disc golf for almost 3 years. He won his first tournament last November at the Long Hollow Open as an MA2/Intermediate Division player. Conner is now an MA1 disc golf player.

Several disc golf courses throughout Nashville will be used during the tournament. Make plans to stop by and watch Conner’s progress in this unique disc golf event!

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