Crumbl Cookie Weekly Menu Through April 15, 2023

crumbl cookies april 10-15
Photo from Crumbl Cookie Youtube

Crumbl Cookies’ latest limited-time cookies for the week ending April 15, 2023. Find a location near you right here! Each week, their menu rotates to give you 6 deliciously gourmet flavors to experience.

Milk Chocolate Chip – The classic—you can’t go wrong. Thick, soft, and packed with milk chocolate chips.

Cookie Butter Lava – A melty, mouth-watering cookie stuffed with Biscoff® cookie butter, then drizzled with Biscoff® cookie butter spread and garnished with crumbly cookie butter morsels.

Chocolate Peanut Butter – A chocolate cookie popping with OREO cookies and peanut butter chips, then topped with a decadent peanut butter mousse and a mini OREO cookie.

Cinnamon Roll – A cinnamon roll in a cookie—soft and thick, covered in a layer of cinnamon brown sugar and a delicious swirl of cream cheese frosting.

Strawberry Cheesecake – A luscious three-layer treat including a chilled graham cracker cookie, vanilla cream cheese frosting, and house-made strawberry jam.

Classic Pink Sugar – An all-time favorite—a vanilla sugar cookie topped with a perfect pink swoop of real almond frosting. (Now containing real almond extract)

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