Canada’s Largest Fast Food Chain, Tim Hortons, is Coming to Mt. Juliet

Photo: Tim Hortons

Canada’s largest fast food chain is coming to Mt. Juliet!

The city of Mt. Juliet announced that the popular Canadian coffee shop, Tim Hortons, is soon coming to Wilson County, making it the first in Tennessee!

The City also added that there will be not one, but two locations to open soon. A social media user asked where the coffee shop will be located and Jennifer Hamblen, with Mt Juliet Planning & Zoning, responded the two locations will be at “Lebanon Road at Park Glen and Beckwith Station near Beckwith ER.”

According to their website, Tim Hortons is Canada’s largest restaurant chain that serves over 5 million cups of coffee daily, branding the shop as part of the fabric of Canada and a proud symbol of the country.

At this time, the City has not confirmed the exact opening date.

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