Can’t Get Broadband Internet Service? You Likely Will Soon Thanks to This Company


United Communications has been serving Middle Tennessee for more than 75 years. The company is now working to help connect underserved communities with broadband internet service.

Easy access to broadband internet is essential to economic development. High-speed internet is now an essential utility for all Tennessee residents – both in urban and rural areas. As meetings, work, education and even healthcare have moved online, quality internet service is essential for everyone.

In 2020, the Fiber-to-the-Home Council conducted a survey that found that areas with high-speed internet had greater economic strength than those that lacked the service. United Communications aims to strengthen communities through Project Unite.

About Project Unite

Project Unite is using government grant funds to ensure Middle Tennessee residents have access to high-speed internet, even in rural areas. Historically, rural areas lack strong internet services. The main reason is that internet service providers are not motivated to add service in the area because it wouldn’t be as profitable as focusing on more densely populated areas.

The initiative is investing $180 million into expanding high-speed internet availability and services in Middle Tennessee and involves adding more than 1,700 route miles. Project Unite will help connect 35,000 homes and businesses by 2025. The funding is a combination of grant funding, community partnerships and United Communications’ personal investments.

Your Local Broadband Internet Service Provider

United Communications is not new to Middle Tennessee. It has the industry-leading Net Promoter Score, which rates customer satisfaction and the likelihood they would recommend the service to friends and family.

The internet service provider has built meaningful partnerships with Middle Tennessee Electric and Duck River Electric to serve customers best.

Currently, the company has service in the following counties.

  • Williamson
  • Rutherford
  • Marshall
  • Bedford
  • Franklin
  • Wilson
  • Davidson

As a local provider and subsidiary of Middle Tennessee Electric, United Communication knows the community and its needs. This helps the company prioritize the most in-need neighborhoods to connect communities accordingly.

Local providers also have more flexibility to create plans and service that meets the unique needs of every customer. That’s because they don’t have to match offers that they’ve made to customers nationwide or price based on how profitable other communities are.

Because United Communications is a local company, it also has an interest in seeing residents and businesses succeed in the community. The greater your success is, the greater United Communications will also be. Economic development benefits everyone.

One area of focus for the company is connecting local fire departments. When fire departments are connected through internet service, they can recruit and train easier. And given that 75 percent of all Tennessee firefighters are volunteers, effective recruitment and training are essential elements for success.

United Communications recently installed internet at Williamson County VFD 23 in Thompson Station in its commitment to serving rural and volunteer firefighters. This also enables volunteers to continue their remote careers while serving the station as a volunteer, further supporting the community and its needs.

Review Plans for Internet Service in Your Area

See if United Communications offers service in your area, is constructing service or gauging interest in adding service to your community. Check availability now and get connected.

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