BJ’s Wholesale Club Now Open in Mt. Juliet

BJ's Wholesale Club

After much anticipation, BJ’s opened recently at 181 Adams Lane in Mt. Juliet. It is the 240th club in the company.

 “Our Mt. Juliet club is our second location in Tennessee,” said Briana Keene, Senior Manager, External Communications, BJ’s Wholesale Club, “and we see the community as a great fit for us. We’ll be bringing unbeatable value and incredible savings to smart-saving families in the community of Mt. Juliet. We enjoy helping members save on everyday essentials, in a one-stop shop. 

Similar to Sam’s and COSTCO, BJ’s has a slightly different focus. Bill Werner, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Development, says the two major differences are that BJs offers more choice and smaller pack size, while offering the same great value as their competitors. By offering smaller pack sizes, their customers don’t have to buy monthly, but can shop once a week instead. That cuts down on waste caused by food rotting before it can be eaten. 

“I hear from people at home that everything is just too big for us, we do not need to shop at a club store,” said Werner. “That is where we fit a niche. You can find things in much smaller pack sizes here, but still get club values. If you go to COSTO, say, you will only be able to get a big size of mayonnaise. They may only have the giant tubs. We’ll have the two squeeze bottles. You’ll see that throughout the store.” 

They also have a big national brand presence. And they do not just have one option in the national brand, they will have multiple choices. But right next to those national brands will be their own brand at 20 to 25% less than the branded version. 

“We have 7,000 items in our stores,” explained Werner, “while a Sam’s will have something like 4,000 and COSTCO about 3,500.” 

Wellsley Farms is their house brand name for all consumable items and Berkley-Jensen is the name for all of their other products, like paper towels. While these are store brands, they are top quality.

Anyone wanting to taste some of their store branded products had the opportunity to do that on opening day. There were all types of samples being given out, like their most excellent Wellsley Farms Greek yogurt and their granola with strawberries and nuts. 

In the deli section they have many grab-and-go meal options, including a tasty grilled pesto chicken sandwich wrapped in a tortilla. The most popular item in their deli is the three-pound roasted chicken for $5. Quite a bargain in today’s market.

“All of our decisions are made asking the question, ‘is it right for the family,’” added Werner.

Other conveniences they offer on-site are a gas station with discounted pricing for members and discounted eyewear and eye examinations. There are many other deals to be had. BJs has partnered with AT&T to offer cell phone discounts, plus they offer travel and home improvement packages. 

The company is also very involved in the community. They have been working locally with Second Harvest Food Bank, and for more than 15 years they have partnered with Feed American. Their charitable foundation has also donated $15,000 to the Wilson County Schools backpack program. 

Over the last couple of years, BJs has been expanding east from their home in Medford, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston. The original store is still there today. As a matter of fact, next year will be the company’s 40th anniversary.  

The next BJ’s in Tennessee will be opening in Sumner County in 2024. Always looking for new opportunities, they expect to have five or six stores in the Nashville area within the next few years.

Memberships are normally $55, but through about December 24, new members will receive $40 in discounts. 

Hours are Monday through Saturday, 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m., and Sunday 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.

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