Before You Head Out on Your Road Trip Adventures, Check Out These 5 Things You Might Not Know About the Interstate System

5 Things You Might Not Know About the Interstate System

As many of you may be planning some spring and summer road trips, here are some interesting facts about the interstate system that you may not know. Learn more interesting things about interstates in the video below – “The Interstate’s Forgotten Code” created by CGP Grey.

  1. Interstate numbers ending in zero always travel east/west.
  2. Interstate numbers ending in five always travel north/south.
  3. I-90 is the longest interstate in the country where you can drive continuously from Boston to Seattle.
  4. America’s smallest interstate is 878 in New York which runs under a mile.
  5. Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico use their own interstate system as they are not connected to the rest of the country.

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  1. This information is true to the best of my knowledge, but is not complete. What about I-16 in Georgia, or I-4 in Florida? Interstates that are EVEN numbered run east/west. Interstates that are ODD numbered run north/south, not just those ending in “0”.

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