Baking on Pi Day


The beginning of March means that there is an important holiday coming up: Pi Day. For kids in school, Pi Day can be a great way to make learning more fun. Take the opportunity to bring pie into the classroom and use it to learn about circumference, diameter, and any other details relating to pi.

What is Pi?

Pi, noted by the Greek alphabet symbol π, is most commonly known at 3.14. However, there are an infinite number of decimal places in the number. Typing π into a calculator will typically use 9 decimal places, which ends up being 3.141592654.

Pi is typically used to determine the circumference of a circle. The circumference is slightly more than 3 times (π to be exact) longer than the diameter, so if you know the diameter of the circle you’re working with, you can multiply it by pi and find the circumference. Pi can also be used to determine the area of a circle or when working with spheres, cylinders, or cones.

The Math of Pie Making

Pie isn’t just something delicious you eat (although it is definitely that!), there’s also a lot of math that goes into making a pie. You have to be cautious of the diameter and circumference of the pan to make sure your crust is the right size. You can use pi to determine one of these if you have the other.

When measuring ingredients, you have to make sure that you have the right amount of each ingredient. Too much or too little of something can completely change the taste and make it inedible.

Once the pie is baked and ready to eat, you can use math to determine how large to cut your slices evenly. First, figure out how many slices you need. Take the diameter of the pie, multiply it by π to get the circumference, and then divide that number by the number of slices you need! Once you have that number, you will know how large to cut each slice.

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