Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Luxury Swimming Pool Construction

By Peek Pools and Spas


If you’re considering a luxury swimming pool in your backyard, take some time to familiarize yourself with the process first. Peek Pools and Spas, a leading pool design and construction team in middle Tennessee shared these answers to frequently asked questions about luxury swimming pool construction.

What Are the Next Steps if I Want to Buy a Pool?

Before you sign a contract with a swimming pool contractor, you should research what you want your pool and backyard oasis to look like. Some top considerations for your pool design, before you meet with a pool construction salesperson, include:

  • Who will use this pool? How do I want to use this pool? 
  • What shape and style do I want the pool to be?
  • Do I want a gunite or fiberglass swimming pool?
  • Is my yard suitable for a swimming pool and pool construction?
  • Where do I want the pool to be located?
  • Do I have to get approval from my HOA before I do anything?
  • What special features do I want in my pool?
  • Do I want any other backyard amenities to go along with my pool?
  • Do I have a current plat map or property survey?

Knowing the answers to these questions before meeting with a contractor will ensure that you ask the right questions and guarantee that they can make your vision a reality. Some contractors only work with certain types of pools or will only install pools of a certain size. You don’t want to waste your time or get stuck in a contract that doesn’t fit your vision.

What Happens When It’s Time to Start Construction?

Starting construction on your new pool is both exciting and nerve-wracking. You might be wondering how it will impact your daily life and how you use your property. Before breaking ground, your sales and construction teams will meet at the site of your future swimming pool for a meeting. During this meeting, the team will use bright spray paint to outline the pool’s location and your project will get underway. You’ll have a chance to see exactly what your pool will look like and where it will be. 

The next step is for your construction team to call 811 to mark underground utilities. Once this step is complete and any required adjustments are made in line with the utility lines, construction officially begins on your new pool.

How Long Will It Take to Build My Swimming Pool?

From the start of construction, or when the team breaks ground, it takes roughly 3-4 months for a gunite pool and 8-10 weeks for a fiberglass pool, depending on the weather and your unique pool design.

What is the Most Common/Unexpected Problems Pool Contractors Face During Construction? 

Hitting rock! Once the construction team starts excavation, the biggest issue the team might run into is clearing out a little bit of dirt and then getting stopped because they’ve hit rock. Rock is not something that anyone can predict and does incur an added cost to your pool construction bill. 

If the crew cannot remove the rock with a normal excavator – whether it be too big, too hard, or too deep – they will have to bring a rock hammer out to break the rock up before continuing to dig.

Do I Need to Water My Gunite After It Is Shot?

Yes. Gunite needs a minimum of 14 days to cure. During this 14-day curing time, you must water your gunite twice a day for at least 10 minutes each time to help slow down the curing process and allow your gunite to set up properly.  

How Will My Pool Get Filled with Water Once Construction Is Finished?

The way to fill your pool is by using your water hose. Once your contractor applies the interior finish or plaster to the inside of the pool, they will put your hose in and turn it on. Depending on the size of your pool and your water pressure, the filling process can take anywhere from 2-4 days to fill. 

Another option homeowners have is to get in touch with a company that has water trucks that can fill your pool in a few hours. Ask your pool contractor for recommendations for water truck companies. 

Have More Questions About Luxury Swimming Pool Construction?

Turn to the experts at Peek Pools and Spas. The team has designed and constructed many local pools. They’ve encountered it all and know how to work with homeowners to prepare for a pool project. If you have questions, they have the answer. Call them at 615-866-8800 or send a message.

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