5 Questions With Olympian Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn of USA celebrates after women\'s downhill during the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships on February 10, 2019

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I recently had the opportunity to interview Lindsey Vonn about the upcoming 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, her time competing in the Olympics and what she’s been doing since then. Here is what she had to say:

C9: After attending your first Winter Olympics in 2002, at the young age of 17, you managed a 6th place finish in combined. At the 2010 Olympics, you went on to achieve a lifelong dream and took gold. You displayed through your own achievements that hard work and perseverance will bring your dreams to fulfillment. Based on your own experience, what words of advice do you have for the young Olympians who will be competing at the 2022 Winter Olympics?

LV: The advice I have for young Olympians is to focus on why they love the sport they’re competing in, and to give it their all without fear and without holding back. If you don’t give it everything you have you’ll regret it. I always say that I’d rather not finish a race giving it 100% than finishing a race knowing I could have given more. So, enjoy the moment and give it everything you can. If you can do that, you can’t go wrong.

C9: While preparing for this interview, I saw a pattern I just couldn’t ignore. You have faced so many obstacles, both in your career and personal life, and have come out blazing each time. You are truly a badass. What has motivated you to continually get up after each setback with such fierceness? 

LV: My motivation has always been rooted in the passion I have for my sport. I never saw skiing as a job or work. So, when I faced injuries and obstacles, I worked as hard as I could to get back to what I loved to do. Obstacles, while difficult, also gave me a different perspective and allowed me to appreciate success on a much deeper level. I would not be the person I am today, had I not gone through all of the ups and downs.

C9: You have been admirably open about the struggles of transitioning into retirement, can you give us an update as to what you’ve been up to and how you are feeling since making the difficult decision to retire?

LV: Retiring from the sport I love definitely hasn’t been easy for me, but I’m doing great now. I’ve been working on my memoir ‘Rise’ over the past couple of years. The writing process has really helped me reflect and appreciate the journey my skiing career took me on.  Retirement has also given me more time that I didn’t have before to focus on other areas of my life including business, investing, and fashion. I am still working with Under Armour, Rolex and Land Rover and have been active in investing and advising in businesses that I feel passionate about like Hyperice and Oura Ring. I have also become a GP and LP of a few venture capital funds. Exploring my creative side, I have worked closely with Yniq to design luxury ski goggles and also my new Legacy Collection ski-wear line that just launched with Head Sportswear.  Staying busy and finding new challenges is in my DNA. I’m very happy with where I am now and thankful for the opportunities I’ve worked hard to cultivate.

C9: Cloud9 will have an article published in this edition discussing our top 3 picks for skiing around Denver. Do you have a favorite ski area near Denver you would like to share with us? Why is it your favorite?

LV: My top 3 favorite ski areas near Denver would be Steamboat, Telluride and Vail. One of my first family ski trips was to Steamboat and I have special memories there. Telluride has exceptional terrain and is more of a hidden gem. Vail was my home for many, many years and I will always love it.

C9: You created the Lindsey Vonn Foundation in 2015 with the intention of helping young girls achieve their dreams, can you tell us a little more about your foundation, how we can support it and what your goals for 2022 are?

LV: I remember when I met Picabo Street, how in awe I was of her and how much she inspired me to chase after my dreams. I really hope I can be like Picabo and give young kids the inspiration to be the best they can be. That is the premise behind my foundation, but I started it because I feel that success is meaningless unless you can pass it down.  I want the younger generation to embrace who they are, define their future and change the world.  All of the donations go towards programs, camps, scholarships, and speaker series that allow kids to build their skills, confidence, and their support system as they work to achieve their goals.  You can get more details on how to apply for scholarships as well as upcoming programs at lindseyvonnfoundation.org.

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