Worldwide Stages Announces Grand Opening of 38-Acre Entertainment Production Complex

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Worldwide Stages LLC (WWS) unveils its massive entertainment complex – located just South of Nashville (Music City, USA), Tennessee, in nearby Spring Hill. WWS has already provided state-of-the-art facilities to multiple facets of the entertainment industry including tour rehearsal facilities for musical stars, production facilities for diverse content creators to produce live-streaming events, music videos, commercials, episodic television series, and feature films.

“It feels like opening ‘Disneyland’, but for entertainment production professionals and A-list stars,” said Kelly Frey, CEO and President of WWS. “The first word we hear from artists and production companies visiting our facility is ‘Wow.’ We wanted to create not just a functional production environment but also a safe-haven for A-list entertainers. We even designed a Speakeasy around a vintage 1920’s era solid wood bar that our guests can use for meetings, events, or relaxation onsite,” added Mr. Frey. “Forget about the warehouses and industrial soundstages of the past. WWS is much more like a five-star hotel venue that happens to have the soundstages and ancillary production space A-list performers and international production companies need to produce their entertainment content securely and in comfort.”

WWS acquired the former world headquarters of Saturn and invested millions of dollars into a complete renovation. The result is a beautiful, unique entertainment production complex with production services and amenities customized to provide a high-end experience for each client.

The luxury entertainment campus provides:

  • Thousands of square feet of luxurious production facilities, green rooms, and professionally decorated artist suites
  • A variety of stages ranging in scale for music tour rehearsals, TV, and film production – designed to provide an exceptional experience
  • Beautifully decorated gathering spaces that exude luxury and exclusivity; including opulent atriums designed to impress and inspire. Perfect for entertainment professionals and industry events
  • Private 70-seat theater with state-of-the-art audio equipment that is ideal for screening dailies or creating intimate performances
  • Acres of private parking for personnel and production equipment with easy access to major Interstate highways
  • Onsite medic and security personnel supported by state-of-the-art technology (including campus-wide facial recognition cameras and software-driven access)

“Tennessee is home to a thriving entertainment industry, and we support companies such as WWS that invest in growing our state’s footprint in entertainment,” said Stuart McWhorter, commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development.

“The opening of WWS signals Tennessee’s trending growth and competitiveness in the entertainment sector on both a local and national level,” said Bob Raines, Executive Director for the Tennessee Entertainment Commission. “WWS will not only leverage Tennessee’s internationally renowned music industry, but also service the influx of television and motion picture professionals interested in producing the next generation of entertainment content.”

“Spring Hill is excited to welcome WWS and its CEO, Kelly Frey, into our community,” said Jim Hagaman, Mayor of Spring Hill. “This investment from WWS will create an impact far beyond job creation and economic growth.”

WWS is already planning expansion, adding additional soundstages onsite in Spring Hill in response to industry demand while investigating expansion to other entertainment-centric cities in need of the luxury-branded facilities curated by WWS.

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