Wilson County Art Teacher Featured on GMA


Watertown High School Art Teacher Derek Elwell has a special skill that was recently featured on Good Morning America.

Featured on the “GMA Play of the Day”, Elwell is shown in a video where he draws using both hands on a dry-erase board while never lifting the marker.

The original video comes from student Brayden Hicks who shared the video on Tik Tok. Hicks stated on Tik Tok, “Brooo my art teacher smooth with it.”

Wilson County School shared the “GMA Play of the Day” on Facebook. Stating,  “ICYMI: Watertown High School Art Teacher, Derek Elwell has become a viral social media sensation in recent weeks with his simultaneous two-handed portrait drawings. Over 30 million views! GMA gave him a shoutout this past weekend as their ‘GMA Play of the Day!'”

Watch the GMA video below.

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