Two West Wilson Middle School Students Raised $1,500 for Domestic Abuse Shelter


Eme Sinor and Maddie Brown raised $1,500 for Safe Haven which is a shelter for survivors of domestic abuse.

As a part of Beta Club this year, West Wilson Middle School asked that each member volunteer ten hours total for any charity for this school year. Sinor’s aunt volunteers at Safe Haven Cheatham County which is how they were connected to the cause. Because they were underage they were unable to volunteer in person so they came up with the idea of collecting items and money for the women and children of the shelter along with handwritten messages to the survivors.

“We decided that we wanted to help Safe Haven because we knew these women and children had nothing because they were starting their lives over,” stated Brown, “It made us feel proud to help others because it made us feel like we were doing something good in the world.”
The students sacrificed their Spring Break to work on this project. They stayed behind and visited companies like Elevation Wealth Advisors to give a presentation and asked for donations.
Initially, they had hoped they would raise $200 total but to their surprise, they raised a total of $1500 and collected hundreds of items that were donated by individuals, churches, and even strangers that they met during the week that found out about their good deeds.
After delivering the donations to a representative of Safe Haven, the girls were told that it was the largest single donation the shelter has ever received and they were so proud and impressed that two 13-year-old girls made such a difference in so many people’s lives.
Safe Haven is now planning to give the girls a certificate of recognition for their hard work at an upcoming meeting in Cheatham County. Both girls are looking forward to doing more charity work in the future and hope their efforts draw more attention to places like Safe Haven.


  1. I am so proud of these two girls 💜 I know God is at work in them and their beautiful hearts . These young ladies are our future and they will always have a giving heart ! Philippians 4:13 says I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me ! It took strength , courage ,and confidence to stand up and make a speech, and ask for donations ! I know they will be Blessed 💜 Thank you Eme and Maddie! Love you girls


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