TDOT and Nashville Airport Authority Join Forces to Expedite I-40/Donelson Pike Interchange Project

Photo: TDOT

The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) is working with the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority (MNAA) and Superior Construction to expedite the completion of the I-40 / SR 255 (Donelson Pike) Interchange.

The potential project acceleration is being made possible by the continued partnership between TDOT and the MNAA.

Under the leadership of Doug Kreulen, the airport authority has agreed to pay up to $6 million in incentives to Superior Construction if the project is completed a year ahead of schedule.

“I’m thankful for the support of our Board of Commissioners and the partnership we continue to build with TDOT,” said Doug Kreulen, President and CEO of MNAA. “As Nashville and the state of Tennessee continue to grow, we need to explore more creative ways to deliver outstanding service to the traveling public.”

Both agencies support the opportunity for acceleration, as the interchange has continued to be a trouble spot for locals and tourists alike over the last several months. Reconstruction of the interchange will increase capacity and improve the overall operation of the interchange, providing efficient access to the airport, I-40, and other nearby businesses.

“The department’s partnership with the airport authority is an example of creative solutions that benefit Tennesseans,” said Deputy Commissioner and Chief Engineer Will Reid. “We support efforts to expedite this project which will ease congestion around the airport and provide a safer, more reliable traveling experience on our roads.”

Once the project is complete, drivers will travel on a diverging diamond interchange (DDI) and newly constructed State Route 255. See renderings and learn more details about the project here.

Completing the project ahead of schedule will not only improve the safety of the interchange and surrounding routes, but it will also allow the airport to start the next phase of its expansion project sooner, ultimately working hand-in-hand with the MNAA’s TARI project. All work is weather-dependent.

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