Sunset Family Restaurant Closes After 60 Years

sunset family restaurant
photo from Trip Advisor

On Sunday, October 10th, the Sunset Family Restaurant in Lebanon served its last meal to customers, reports WTVF.

Located at 640 South Cumberland in Lebanon, Sunset Family Restaurant has been in business for 62 years, opening its doors back in 1959. At 83 years of age, owners of the meat and three Robert and Virginia Hodges could often be found in the kitchen cooking but say it’s now time to retire.

“It was time to stop. We’re 83 years old, we need to stop, we need to rest,” Hodges said to WTVF.

The last meal was served on Sunday at 9 pm.

As for the state of the location of Sunset Family Restaurant, a developer has purchased the property and will tear down the building to make way for a car wash.



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