NWS Releases Preliminary Map of Last Weekend’s Tornadoes


A week ago, over a dozen tornadoes struck Middle Tennessee. The National Weather Service (NWS) continues to study the severe weather event that took place December 10-11 and has so far reported 15 tornadoes.

NWS has released preliminary maps of these 15 tornadoes. Information on these tornadoes may change as the NWS learns more.

#1 EF3 Newbern TN to Elkton KY Tornado
#2 EF1 Perry/Humphreys/Hickman County Tornado
#3 EF0 Northwest Hickman County Tornado
#4 EF2 Dickson Tornado
#5 EF1 Burns Tornado
#6 EF2 Kingston Springs Tornado
#7 EF0 Bordeaux Tornado
#8 EF1 Hendersonville Tornado
#9 EF0 Hermitage Tornado
#10 EF1 Mount Juliet Tornado
#11 EF0 Bethpage Tornado
#12 EF0 Carthage Tornado
#13 EF1 Hermitage Springs Tornado
#14 EF0 Giles County Tornado
#15 EF1 Grundy County Tornado

“This is the 5th largest outbreak to have occurred in Middle Tennessee, and by far the largest in December. In fact, before this year, we had recorded a total of 17 December tornadoes in Middle Tennessee, with data going back to the 1800’s. From the 5th through the 11th of this month, we have surveyed 20 individual tornadoes to bring the all-time December total to 37. So more than half of our all-time December tornadoes have occurred just this December — during a one-week stretch, in fact. Of course, we are much better at detecting and surveying tornadoes now than ever before; indeed, there are likely a number of tornadoes that have occurred in the past of which we know nothing. But still, the outbreak we experienced last Friday night & Saturday morning is without precedent for this time of year,” writes NWS.

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