New Music for You this Week- June 20th, 2022


If you are looking for new music, we have created a list of established artists you might know and new artists you may want to explore their music.

1Jake Hoot – “Had it to Lose”

photo from Jake Hoot

Jake Hoot has released relatable new single, “Had It To Lose.” Written by Hoot, Matt Warren and Matt Nolan and produced by Danny Myrick, “Had It To Lose” is a mid-tempo track that the Season 17 winner of The Voice had an idea for after an unexpected bill came in the mail.

Take a listen here. 

2Juna n Joey – “More than a Maybe”

photo by Nathan Pirkle

Sibling duo Juna N Joey just released a catchy new track, More Than A Maybe,” available on all streaming platforms today.  Written by Juna N Joey, Bill DiLuigi, and Kayliann Lowe, “More Than A Maybe” captures the excitement of starting to fall for someone new. Throughout the song, the narrator shares how he will need to work up the courage to approach the girl he likes and how he wonders if she feels the same way.

Take a listen here.

3Aaron Watson – Unwanted Man 

photo by Lindsey Cotton

Aaron Watson’s highly anticipated album, Unwanted Man, featuring the new single, “Dancing Around the Truth,” is out now. Watson’s self-produced, new release, Unwanted Man, was written and recorded in his native state of Texas during the COVID pandemic, giving Watson the freedom to explore his authentic and creative side while recording alongside top quality musicians of the same roots.

Take a listen here. 

4Molly Tuttle – “Grass Valley”

photo by Samantha Muljat

In celebration of Father’s Day, Molly Tuttle recorded a new performance video of her song, “Grass Valley,” featuring her father, Jack Tuttle, a music teacher and multi-instrumentalist, on mandolin and vocals.

Take a listen here. 

5Luke Combs – “The Kind of Love We Make”

photo by Donna Vissman

Luke Combs’ highly anticipated new single, “The Kind of Love We Make,” is out now.

Of the song, Combs shares, “I wrote this song in Montana with Dan and Reid Isbell and my guitar tech Jamie Davis, who used to be in a band with Dan. I met Jamie through Dan. Jamie had the idea, and Dan and Reid brought it to me and I thought it was a killer melody. It ended up being one of those songs that wrote itself. Dan, Reid and I are all having kids within a month of each other, so maybe this song had something to do with that.”

Take a listen here. 

6Chastity Brown – Sing to the Walls

photo by Brad Ogbonna

Chastity Brown has released her new album Sing To The Walls via Red House Records. “It’s a love album, in a way I didn’t plan on,” Chastity says. Brown will perform at City Winery on July 3.

Take a listen here. 

7Shy Carter – “Hard”

photo from Shy Carter Facebook

Shy Carter isn’t taking the easy way out in the stripped-down piano-driven stunner, “Hard (Live on the Grand),” available now.

“‘Hard’ was a hard song to write. It was painful. Life gives you so many chances to give up and it seems like the easiest thing to do,” shares Carter. “But even the easy way can be much harder than expected because nothing really comes easy in life. The most fulfilling thing is to stay the course and continue fighting for what you believe in.”

Take a listen here. 

8Cherish Lee- “Father’s Daughter”

photo from Cherish Lee

Cherish Lee honors her father, Urban Cowboy singer and ACM winner, Johnny Lee, with the release of her latest song “Father’s Daughter.”

“My dad means so much to me,” shares Cherish Lee. “To the world, he is Johnny Lee, but to me- he’s dad. My Papa Bear! He has made a tremendous mark in the entertainment and country music world. But he has made an even bigger imprint on me. This song was my way of honoring him, his life, with the language we speak together… I love you, Papa Bear. Happy Father’s Day!”

Take a listen here. 

9Breland – “Natural”

photo by Evan Kaufmann

RELAND today releases his picturesque new video for his brand-new track “Natural.” 

“It’s awesome seeing the resurgence of 90s Country and its influence on today’s new music,” BRELAND explains. “I’ve noticed a lot of people have been taking inspiration from a lot of male artists, so I wanted to sample one of Country music’s most influential females, Shania Twain! Fusing her empowering ‘Man! I Feel Like A Woman!’ with my lyrics for ‘Natural’ resulted in an ode to women in their natural elements and loving what God gave them just as they are.”

Take a listen here. 

10Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy – “Live at Studio 60s”

photo by Ross Halfin.

SLASH FT. MYLES KENNEDY & THE CONSPIRATORS, (SMKC) will release Live At Studios 60–their first-ever double, live LP–which features band’s acclaimed new album 4, and four additional songs, for Record Store Day this Saturday, June 18, 2022.

Take a listen here. 

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