How to Create the Ultimate Family Room

How to Create the Ultimate Family Room

The family room is probably one of the most used rooms in your home. Not only does your family enjoy it; its also a place to entertain guests.  If you’re someone who likes to have friends over frequently or entertain a lot, you likely want to have a space that looks amazing while also being functional. So the question is how do you create the ultimate family room? Here are 6 quick tips on how to decorate and create a family room that is inviting and functional.

1. Make the Space Visually and Functionally Separate

Even in an open floor plan design, it’s likely that you want some way to distinguish between the rooms. Not only will this make the room seem bigger, but it will add a lot of functionality. You can do this easily by using rugs and large decor to separate the living area from the intimate family area.

Large rugs allow you to place furniture on them and protect your floors while also separating out a designated space. Use smaller rugs to designate a specific place for the kids to play. Large décor like slender vases or unique columns add visual contrast and will help create the illusion of separate spaces. Finally, use different tones of paint or accent walls can help to distinguish a dining space from the sitting space.

2. Have Plenty of Seating Options

It’s important to have plenty of seating in your family room so your family and your guests feel comfortable hanging out in the family room. Mix in a variety of unique seating options with sturdy ottomans, generously-sized sofas, comfy recliners, and unique accent chairs.

3. Add in Color and Texture

You can add color to your family room with brightly colored accent chairs. If you don’t like that look, consider adding color to your family room through throws, pillows, vases, paintings, and other home décor. Don’t forget to take advantage of any bookshelves and other shelving spaces you have. Combines books, personal items, art, sculptures, and other items on bookshelves to bring in your personal style to the room.

4. Storage

While bookshelves can certainly be useful spaces for books and décor, outfitting them with fabric boxes or adding in unique baskets around the room will add functional storage spaces for stashing away blankets, games, and toys.

5. Bring Nature Inside

Having live plants indoors serves many purposes. Many find them comforting, and they help to keep the air fresh and vibrant. Utilize indoor shelves and empty walls to create spaces for flowers and potentially fresh herbs. If you don’t have that green thumb or often forget to water plants, succulents are great options. They add a touch a nature and require little care.

6. Create a Reading Nook

Among hanging out with family and friends, the family room is a great place to add a nook for relaxing, reading a book, or taking a coffee break. Include a small chair, a table to rest drinks and other items and a floor lamp and you’ve got yourself a little place to relax.

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