Get Your Pie In Time For Pi Day

Get Your Pie In Time For Pi Day

Pi day is just around the corner, and for all of you looking for the perfect way to celebrate. Why not do it right and order a delicious pie. Not sure on which to go with? Not to worry, we have the perfect collection of great pies to make your Pi day a pielicious one.

Can’t wait and ready to order? We don’t blame you. Pre-orders are welcome at Papa C’s Pies!

The Apple Pie

The delicious signature choice here at Papa C’s, this apple pie is crafted with tart granny smith apples and a sugary cinnamon spice mix to delight all you apple pie fans. Coupled with a handmade light and flaky pie crust and you’re in for a treat.

The apple pie at Papa C’s is the flagship and helped put on Papa C’s on the map. Hats off to Elsie Mae for her delicious recipe!

Ghirardelli Chocolate Pie

Chocolate lovers rejoice! This chocolate pie is Papa C’s bestseller and Winner of the Best Chocolate Pie in Nashville! All for good reason.

Made with Ghirardelli’s 60% cacao dark chocolate, pure vanilla extract and a little butter make this pie sumptuous, rich, and smooth. It’s the perfect complement to date night, or after a delicious family meal.

Pair it up with vanilla ice cream, milk, coffee, or your favorite dessert red wine for the perfect dessert experience.

The Fruit Cobbler

A true classic, and a legacy pie here at Papa C pies. This fruit cobbler was made by Grandma Lora and combines fresh fruit, and a thick chewy crust for a delicious, tasty, and irresistible experience that’ll keep you coming back for more!

This cobbler is made in the largest deep-dish pan we have, and is made fresh for you meaning it’s only available for pick up! Some things are worth the drive though. Stop in and find out for yourself.

Frozen Margarita Pie

You read the headline right. Margarita’s are delicious, pies are too. The two made into one? You’re in for a treat.

The perfect 5 o’clock somewhere treat, the crust is made with Snyder’s Hanover Pretzels and the filling is a light cream. With the lime juice, zest, a splash of tequila, and triple sec, this pie will have you screaming “ARRIIIIIBA!” before you know it.

This pie is meant to be served chilled, so be sure you have the fridge space to store and keep it ready for those post-work tequila fixes. You’ve had a long day, stretch out and enjoy a piece of Frozen Margarita Pie.

Pi Day Special

In celebration of this almighty day, we’re offering our 9-inch and 11-inch dessert pies with a $3.14 discount. It’s the perfect reason to get out and order your favorite pie in honor of Pi. And if you need help choosing a pie for your Pi, our bakers are more than happy to make recommendations based on pairings or your favorite fruits and flavors!

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