Disc Golf for Kids: Introduce the Next Generation to the Ideal Summer Sport!


Disc golf is a fun and accessible outdoor activity that is gaining traction as a family-friendly sport that can engage children of all ages. Kids love joining in a grown-up game and parents love introducing a sport with easy-to-manage equipment needs. Disc golf is an ideal summer sport that fosters a love of physical activity and offers a great way to spend time outdoors. 

Introducing your kids to a new sport can be a bit overwhelming, so Play It Again Sports ~ Brentwood & Hendersonville have some excellent tips for getting the next generation involved in disc golf! 

Why Disc Golf?

Disc golf combines the best aspects of traditional golf and Frisbee into a game that’s easy to learn and play. For kids, it’s an exciting way to develop coordination, concentration, and sportsmanship. It’s affordable, requires minimal equipment, and can be played in various environments, from parks to dedicated disc golf courses. It’s even possible to set up a disc golf course in your backyard for summer fun with friends and family! 

Getting Started: The Basics

Choose the Right Equipment 

Children need discs that are lightweight and easy to handle. Look for junior-sized discs specifically designed for young players. These discs are usually smaller in diameter and lighter in weight, making them easier for kids to throw.

Find a Kid-Friendly Course

Select a course that is manageable for beginners. Courses with shorter holes and less dense foliage are ideal. Alternatively, you can set up a makeshift course in a local park or even your backyard using household items as targets.

Safety First

Encourage your children to warm up with stretches and light exercises to help prevent injuries. Also, teach them to be aware of their surroundings. Point out any obstacles that might be problematic or groups of people to avoid with their throws.

Teaching the Fundamentals

  • The Grip: Show your child how to hold the disc correctly. The power grip (fingers under the rim, thumb on top) is simple and effective for most throws. Let them practice holding the disc and feeling comfortable with it.
  • The Stance and Throw: Teach the basic stance – feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent. For the throw, start with the backhand technique. Demonstrate how to reach back, step forward, and follow through with the arm. Use slow, exaggerated motions to help them understand each step.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Begin with short throws to build confidence. Have your child aim for a target a few feet away, gradually increasing the distance as they improve. Celebrate their successes to keep them motivated.
  • Create Challenges and Games: Turn practice into a game! Set up a mini-course with different targets and challenges. You can use cones, trees, or even hula hoops as makeshift baskets. Create fun obstacles and award points for hitting targets.
  • Play as a Family! Disc golf is the perfect family activity in the summer, so play together for extra bonding time.

Disc Golf Courses in the Community

If you’re ready to usher the next generation into the sport of disc golf, there are several local courses for you to explore with your family! Check them out:

  • Williamson County:
  • Crockett Park: The course in Crockett Park is located at 1500 Volunteer Parkway in Brentwood. It is an 18-hole course that has a variety of open and wooded tees.
  • Liberty Park: The disc golf course in Liberty Park is located at 1669 McEwen Drive in Franklin. It is a 10-hole heavily wooded course with hills.
  • Cottonwood: This 18-hole course is located at 180 Cottonwood Drive in Franklin. It is primarily open grassy fields with a few trees.


  • Sumner County:
  • Sanders Ferry Disc Golf Course: Visit Sanders Ferry Park at 133 Deer Ridge Lane in Hendersonville for an 18-hole course with a combination of grassy plains and trees.
  • The Swain Course: This 18-hole course is located at 3251 Long Hollow Pike in Hendersonville and offers moderately wooded, mostly flat play. 
  • Triple Creek Disc Golf Course: This expansive 18-hole course is located at 1333 Touchdown Drive in Gallatin and offers a mostly flat, moderately wooded playing field.
  • Richland Park Disc Golf Course: This 18-hole course features mostly open fields and minimal obstacles at 321 Portland Blvd in Portland.  
  • White House Disc Golf Course: This is one of the newest courses in Middle TN featuring 18 holes in a heavily wooded with technical obstacles and mild elevation changes. Visit the course at 420 Hwy 76 in White House. 

For more information on Williamson County parks, check out our list of Brentwood parks and Franklin parks. For more information on Sumner County parks, visit the Sumner County Parks and Recreation page.

Play on This Summer at Play It Again Sports ~ Brentwood & Hendersonville 

Disc golf is a wonderful sport to teach your kids this summer to encourage family bonding and physical activity. With the right equipment, you and your family will be set to play in no time! 

Play It Again Sports ~ Brentwood & Hendersonville are offering 20% off ALL disc golf equipment June 1 through 30, 2024. Set up a course in the backyard with high-quality new or gently used equipment, including target baskets, disc golf carry bags, and a great selection of discs from the top brands in disc golf. 

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