Christmas Movie or Not A Christmas Movie?


There are many movies that are definitively Christmas Movies..Usually, they contain the word Christmas, Santa or another holiday word identifying them as such.

But, there is an argument that can be made for or against whether some popular movies are “technically” Christmas movies.

The following choices bring us to the debate- Christmas movie or NOT a Christmas Movie:

  • “Batman Returns”– This movie directed by “Nightmare Before Christmas” genius Tim Burton has shown up in arguments as it is a Christmas scene that introduces us to Max Shreck..aka The Penguin: “I just wish I could hand out more than expensive bobbles. I wish I could hand out world peace, and unconditional love, wrapped in a big bow.” Then the Penguin’s gang jumps out of giant gift-wrapped presents and starts destroying the city’s Christmas tree.

Author’s Opinion- Not a Christmas movie

  • “The Sound of Music” – I struggle with this one. “The Sound Of Music” first became associated with Christmas because it was on TV around Christmas so much. But, beyond that those that argue for this being a Christmas movie seem to stretch a bit to get there. The argument of “My Favorite Things” being a Christmas carol is a bit of a reach for this writer. Author’s Opinion- Not a Christmas Movie”
  • Lethal Weapon“-This one is simple.. Opens at a Christmas tree lot with Mel Gibson doing 3 Stooges imitations. Ends on Danny Glover’s Holiday decorated lawn with a Gibson- Gary Busey fistfight. This is the gift that keeps giving every holiday season. Author’s opinion- Christmas Movie.
  • “Rocky IV” – Not a Christmas Movie. That is all.
  • “Gremlins”- Again, I can see both sides here. But, caroling Gremlins. That sad Phoebe Cates Christmas story of how her dad died. And let’s be honest. “Gremlins” is alot like having relatives over for the holidays. At first it’s cute and awesome…and then…. Author’s Opinion- Christmas Movie
  • “Holiday Inn” – Often confused as a Christmas movie as it brought us the Christmas Classic “White Christmas”. But, in truth, Holiday Inn is a movie about all holidays. It’s the story of an inn that only opens for holidays. Terrible business model. Great movie. Author’s Opinion: Can be a Christmas movie, also a 4th of July movie and so forth and so on.
  • “Die Hard”- Ok, the most debated Christmas movie every holiday season. Reasons why this author labels this -Christmas Movie- “Now I Have a Machine Gun. Ho Ho Ho.” … Christmas Eve party at Nakatomi Tower… Big Explosion and as paper falls in burning pieces “Let it Snow” plays in the background…. “Welcome to the party pal”.

Feel free to leave your reasons to agree or disagree,and why, on our Facebook page. Any other movies you consider a Christmas movie that others don’t? Let us know!


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